Eva Szumilas is Polish-Lebanese designer. She studied architecture at Technical University of Wroclaw and graduated with a Master’s Degree in Architecture and City Planning in 2002. With time and growing experience, she successfully connected her passion for design with her love of traveling. After residing in Cyprus and Ireland, Eva relocated to Beirut in 2010, where she established her own design studio and Eva Szumilas’ luxury furniture brand a few years later. Her work blends poetry and functionality together, with powerful aesthetics and an eye for comfort. Her designs are fueled by her life experiences  and her background of both Middle Eastern and European cultures. Her furniture collection is inspired by the spirit of Decorative Art where the aim is beauty, aesthetics, purity, and most importantly elegance. Noble materials and advanced craftsmanship techniques are used to manufacture her pieces, a timeless, pure and discreet design style that is universally appreciated and integrates harmoniously in any space. Eva Szumilas’s exceptional work has garnered international recognition. Her designs have been showcased in prestigious exhibitions such as the Pavilion of Art & Design in Paris and London.

Furthermore, her projects have been featured in esteemed publications including AD France, AD Germany, AD Middle East, Taschen, and various other international magazines. In 2022 her “Gong Cabinet” won a prestigious A’ Design Award.


The headquarters of Eva Szumilas Studio currently reside in Beirut, Lebanon. The studio’s scope of activities spans across the industry, encompassing interior design and furniture design. Additionally, the company has demonstrated unwavering creative integrity by undertaking architectural ventures in both the private and public sectors. These endeavors include the construction of high-end residential projects, corporate offices, as well as designs tailored for the hospitality and food-service industries. Throughout its years of experience, Eva Szumilas Studio has forged a longstanding reputation for delivering exceptional quality in every aspect of its work. The team consistently pushes boundaries, embracing new ideas and approaches to create cutting-edge designs. Each project is treated with utmost care and precision with meticulous attention to detail and personalized approach to reflect the distinct needs and preferences of the clients. The studio’s work is characterized by Eva Szumilas’ distinctive artistic touch, incorporating a deep understanding of art and culture into their designs.


11 / 2021 – Life Box Exhibition, Galerie Tanit, Beirut, Lebanon
05 / 2019 – The Architectura Elquentia, Contemporary Cluster, Rome, Italy
11 / 2018 – Design Collective, Nakkash Gallery, Dubai, UAE
05 / 2017 – Beirut Design Week, Smo Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
05 / 2016 – Beirut Design Week, Smo Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
06 / 2015 – Beirut Design Week, Smo Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
12 / 2014 – “Around The Table”, Smo Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
10 / 2014 – PAD London, Smo Gallery, London, UK
09 / 2014 – Beirut Art Fair, Smo Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
03 / 2014 – PAD Paris, Smo Gallery, Paris, France
10 / 2013 – PAD London, Smo Gallery, London, UK
05 / 2013 – Beirut Designers Week, Beirut, Lebanon
03 / 2013 – Beirut Art Beat, DIFC, Dubai, UAE
12/ 2012 – Collective Exhibition, Smo Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
08 / 2011 – Collective Exhibition, Smo Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

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