ANU – Batrou – Lebanon

ANU lounge bar situated on the top of Nabu museum in Chekka Lebanon is another fruitful collaboration between Eva Szumilas and Gregory Gatserelia. The tree sculpture named “THE TREE OF LIFE” which is the main feature of the place, represents Lebanon, whose symbol after all is Cedar. Lebanon, which has been struggling recently from the economic crisis, worsened by the Beirut port explosion of last year. Lebanon, despite its difficult history, still attracts people like a magnet especially for a nightlife experience. Lebanon wounded but still full of hope. Thus the idea to create a sculpture made of steel, representing the resilience of Lebanon and its people against all adversities. The sculpture was interpreted by Eva in a way to show all imperfections, welding points with tree leaves made of steel. This rough, rigid structure forms a beautiful and delicate whole at the same time. And the ivy entwining the trunk tree, that will cover most of the tree with time, means hope and faith in a better future.

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